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Seattle Police East Precinct Boarded Up and Abandoned Amid Riots

The brother of a man who shot a rioter that was attacking his car reportedly works at the precinct.



Seattle’s East Precinct has been boarded up and abandoned as riots continue in the city.

Rioters stormed and looted a Minneapolis Police precinct after it was abandoned on May 29.

Local reporter Brandi Kruse tweeted that “after days of rumors, three police sources confirm preparations are underway to abandon East Precinct. Items of value will be taken out and building will be secured as best they can.”

“Note that this is all in preparation. They do not want to give up building and they’re not just handing it over. They are preparing for event it could happen and making sure proper steps are taken to safeguard what’s inside,” Kruse continued.

The brother of Nikolas Fernandez, a man whose car was mobbed by rioters leading to him non-fatally shooting one of his attackers, reportedly has a brother who works at the East Precinct.

Fernandez promptly surrendered to police and has not been charged, but is being held on investigation of assault, according to a report from Capitol Hill Seattle.

Fernandez told police that he had been in the area and thought that he could get through the intersection where the mob had gathered, but soon the crowd began yelling at him, kicking his car, and trying to grab him through his open window. He said that the person he shot had been grabbing him and his steering wheel through the window, prompting him to fire a single shot.

When asked why he shot the man, Fernandez told the officer that he was being barricaded by everyone and feared for his life.

“Fernandez told police his vehicle stalled Sunday night and wouldn’t start after the shooting so he ‘exited the car with his gun in his hand yelling at people to get back away from him,’ police write. Fernandez told police he ran through the line and immediately surrendered,” the Capitol Hill Seattle report explains.

“Fernandez said his brother works here at this precinct, and he does not want to do anything to shame him,” police wrote of the incident.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best called abandoning the building an exercise in “trust and de-escalation.” She also announced that some barricades will be removed and fewer officers will be in area. She said that she is hoping marchers proceed peacefully.

Seattle has been a hot bed of riots since the death of a black man in Minneapolis police custody nearly two weeks ago.

The Minneapolis Police precinct that was abandoned was ransacked by rioters before being set on fire.


Black Lives Matter Extremists Cover Former Home of Chauvin Defense Witness With Animal Blood, Leave Severed Pig Head on Doorstep

The former home of Barry Brodd, who testified as a witness for Derek Chauvin’s defense, was covered with animal blood and a severed pig’s head was left on their front porch on Saturday morning.



The former home of Barry Brodd, who testified as a witness for Derek Chauvin’s defense, was covered with animal blood and a severed pig’s head was left on their front porch on Saturday morning.

Brodd no longer lives at the Santa Rose home that was attacked.

Brodd testified last week that police were justified in keeping George Floyd pinned because he kept struggling.

The new family that lives there called the police when they were awakened by the group of black clad individuals outside their home shortly after 3 a.m.

Law enforcement believes that the individuals thought that Brodd still lived there.

“Because Mr. Brodd no longer lives in the city of Santa Rosa, it appears the victim was falsely targeted,” police said in a news release.

Santa Rosa Police Chief Rainer Navarro through Brodd under the bus on April 13, issuing a statement saying “Mr. Brodd’s comments do not reflect the values and beliefs of the Santa Rosa Police Department.”

Approximatey 45 minutes after the home was vandalized, a hand statue in front of the Santa Rosa Plaza mall was also splattered with animal blood. The vandals, who match the description of the people who attacked the home, left a sign with a pig on it that read “oink oink.” The statue has no apparent message related to the trial, as it is dedicated to immigrant agricultural workers.

Damage to the residence exceeded $400, making the attack a felony, according to a report from KPIX.

Anyone who witnessed or has information about the attack is encouraged to contact SRPD through their online Tip Line:

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MUST WATCH: California Restaurant Owner Blocks Health Inspector’s Car, ‘If We Can’t Work, You Can’t Work’

A GoFundMe campaign to support the restaurant has raised over $20,000.



A heroic California restaurant owner blocked in a Los Angeles County health inspector’s car after he attempted to shut his business down for allowing outdoor dining, asserting that “if we can’t work, you can’t work.”

Carlos Roman, the owner of Bread & Barley in Covina, did not back down even after police arrived.

“He wants to come in here and say that no one can work, so he can’t work either,” Roman told the officer. “He decided to come today and take photos of the people outside and say that he was going to fine us,” he explained.

Roman refused to move his truck, telling the officer to go ahead and get her supervisor.

“This is what happens when people get desperate. I’m desperate. Who is going to pay her car payment? Who is going to pay my cook’s rent?” Roman asked the officer. “I want it to be hard on everyone. I want everyone to see how hard this sh-t is.”

The outraged owner demanded to know if the inspector and the officer got paychecks last week, asserting that his employees haven’t.

“You’re just doing your job right, we’re all in this together?” Roman asked the inspector. “When I go to the bank, can I tell the bank the health department said it’s ok and that I don’t have to pay you?”

“What do I tell my employees?” Roman shouted.

Roman is now facing two $500 fines for failure to comply and interfering with the health officer.

A GoFundMe campaign to support the restaurant has raised over $20,000.

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Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife, Kathleen, Tells Him He is a Better Father Than Joe Biden Was



In an email to her ex-husband Hunter Biden, Kathleen Biden told her troubled former spouse that he is a better father than Joe Biden was.

The cryptic email was found in a trove of documents currently being reviewed in a joint effort by District Herald and the Nationalist Review, provided to us on Friday by a source who obtained them from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.


“I want you to know that you are a great father – a better father than your dad. Your girls love you because you love them for who they are. You haven’t judged them, you have loved them for who they are. You listen and you make them and their problems important to you. You make them great because you allow them to be who they are without unfair expectations. You are patient, caring, and loving,” Kathleen Biden wrote. “I know you and I have struggled but your love for the girls hasn’t waivered. Remember how we use to joke that the girls didn’t have anything to survive to make them strong and interesting? Well, we gave it to them! They did survive it and they are stronger. Through it all they never questioned your love or commitment.”

Kathleen Biden asserted that the former Vice President “wasn’t perfect” as a father.

“I know you love your dad and I do too but he wasn’t perfect,” the mother of Hunter’s children continued. “No one is perfect. At your core, you taught our girls what was important. They are kind, thoughtful, open, curious, funny, compassionate and hard working. You were as much a part of that as I was in helping them grow. Don’t ever question whether you were as good a father as your dad. You were better, in every way.”

In response, Hunter wrote that he worries he has failed them. “Thank you for this it means everything to me. I worry so much that I have failed you all in so many ways,” he said.

Hunter also acknowledged that he will need to earn his children’s trust and respect back, though the reason is unclear.

“I know the girls love me- but I often wonder if they trust and respect me. I know it’s something I have to earn back. And I know that you are the best mother I have ever known. You have raised three incredible young women. We are so lucky to have them, and I am so lucky to have met you 23 years ago. Thank you,” he wrote.

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