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Right-Wing Street Artists Target ‘Barack H. Obama Highway’ in Los Angeles (VIDEO)

The artists previously took aim at HBO stars Bill Maher and John Oliver, as well as CNN.



A group of anonymous right-wing street artists called “The Faction” took aim the Barack H. Obama Highway in Los Angeles to raise awareness of the “Obamagate” scandal.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles-based artists put up a sign on a portion of the 134 freeway that was named after the former president in 2018.

The artists describe themselves as a “rogue right-wing street outfit” that is “100% pro-individualism and meritocracy and 100% anti-identity politics.”

The sign features an image of the former president and reads:

Barry Soetero P.I.

  • Illegal wiretaps
  • Fake dossiers
  • Election Insurance

Speaking to the District Herald, a spokesperson for The Faction said that “in 2018, it became obvious to anyone paying attention that there was no way President Obama wasn’t aware of or hadn’t implicitly encouraged the attempted coup that plagued Trump’s transition into the white house.”

“Clearly not paying attention, California named a section of the 134 freeway after him,” they continued. “In response, we made this sign. That was over a year ago. We’ve been sitting on it until now — until the obvious truth that Obama was involved in a coup attempt could no longer be covered over by show trials and impeachment hoaxes. Though we hold little hope that Obama will ever have to answer for his treasonous acts, we want him to know that we see him.”

Social media users have claimed for some time that a photo of Obama’s student ID card while he was at Columbia University used the name “Barry Soetoro” and had the words “Foreign student” underneath in capital letters. The image of the ID appears to have belonged to another student which was later edited.

Nicknamed “Obamagate,” the scandal over the former president’s involvement in the “Russiagate” hoax has exploded in the past week — after it was revealed that President Obama, in his final days in office, played a key role in the hoax.

“Fully briefed on the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ investigation, he knew the FBI had come up with nothing despite months of work starting in July 2016,” the New York Post reported. “Yet on Jan. 5, 2017, Obama told top officials who’d be staying on in the new administration to keep the crucial facts from Team Trump.”

To raise awareness of the controversy in the ultra-liberal city, the Faction got to work with their signature brand of street art.

The Faction previously took aim at HBO stars Bill Maher and John Oliver, as well as CNN.

The rebel artists also once plastered stars for President Donald Trump all over the Hollywood Walk of Fame after his real one was vandalized with a sledgehammer.

“Keep it up, ‘Resistors’, we’re going to ride your baby-tantrum tactics all the way to victory in 2020 and beyond,” the Faction said in a statement at the time of their Walk of Fame makeover.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the group posted giant signs that read “It’s Okay to Love Trump,” at busy intersections in the city.

To keep up on their actions, you can follow the group on Instagram or Twitter.

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Woman Paints Over Black Lives Matter Mural in NYC, Shouts ‘Bill de Blasio Doesn’t Care About Black People!’

De Blasio is planning to paint four more of the ridiculous murals throughout the city.



The state-sanctioned Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower in New York City has been vandalized by a protester for the third time since it was painted.

A black woman covered multiple letters of the bright yellow eyesore with multiple gallons of black paint while shouting “Refund the Police” and “Bill de Blasio doesn’t care about black people!”

The woman urged people to find Jesus while she worked, attempting to cover as much as she could before being detained and arrested.

The mural was also vandalized the previous day by four protesters who oppose the Marxist political message painted in the street by the mayor. The brave activists shouted “Blue Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” as they painted over the city-approved vandalism.

Onlookers shouted at them hysterically as they did it.

NBC New York reports “the alleged vandals threw the paint in what appeared to be a coordinated effort involving about 10 people around 4 p.m. Friday. There were plans going around on social media with a group of people discussing doing the stunt.”

On Monday, the mural was splattered with red paint.

Unlike the rioters and looters that took over his city recently, he has made it a priority to arrest those who dare to vandalize it. In fact, Mayor de Blasio has seemingly been more concerned with protecting the tacky painting than about the rising crime in the city since he tied the hands of his police force.

De Blasio is planning to paint four more of the ridiculous murals throughout the city.

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War on Christianity: Virgin Mary Statue Honoring WWII Servicemen Lit on Fire in Massachusetts

Imagine if this was happening to any other religion.



Following three churches being lit ablaze across the US over the weekend, a statue of the Virgin Mary honoring fallen WWII soldiers has been lit on fire in Massachusetts.

The statue at St. Peter Parish in Dorchester was found charred around 10 p.m. Saturday.

“Fire investigators say it appears someone set fire to plastic flowers that were in the hands of the statue, which caused the face and upper body of the statue to be burned,” NBC Boston reports. “The charred statue startled parishioners on Sunday, with one man saying he was ‘very disturbed’ by the incident.”

“This is ridiculous,” a woman added. “This needs to stop.”

St. Peter Parish’s Pastor Currie said he would like to help the person who did this and believes that they are a “troubled soul.”

“This is obviously someone disturbed, someone who has a lot of trouble, a troubled soul,” he said. “But I know our Lady in Heaven is looking down on the soul, or whoever it might’ve been, and saying, ‘I love you! If you need help, come get help. We’re here for you.'”

The Boston Police are asking anyone with information on the incident to contact them at 617-343-4335.

Over the weekend, three churches were burned across the nation.

A fire destroyed Faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Elkmont, Alabama Friday night.

On Saturday a man drove into a church in Ocala, Florida, before lighting it on fire.

Next, a fire destroyed the roof of 249-Year-Old San Gabriel Mission Church in California.

Had these been places of worship for any other religion, it would have been leading the news cycle for at least a week.

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Communist Hammer and Sickle Painted on North Carolina WWII Memorial

The names on the memorial “are veterans and deserve the honor, respect, and dignity.”



The Communist hammer and sickle symbol was spray painted on a North Carolina World War II Memorial over the weekend.

The memorial in the Evergreen Cemetery in Charlotte honors over 500 people from the county who died in the war.

The vandals also wrote “Glory to the day of heroism June 19, 1986,” a likely reference to the violent Communist Party of Peru.

“On June 18, 1986, the Shining Path began to protest the Peruvian government’s use of torture on its members and their movement to different prisons,” the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported when another statue was vandalized with the same message in May. “Although the Peruvian government at first tried to negotiate with the Shining Path, the members refused, he said, and the government sent troops into the prisons the next day — bombing two facilities and executing inmates who were in the Shining Path.”

Over 200 people were killed.

“That day immediately began to be called ‘The Day of Heroism.’”

Fox News reports that a portion of the WWII monument that read, “Dedicated to the memory of the Mecklenburg heroes of World War II who made the supreme sacrifice that you might live in liberty, freedom and peace,” was also covered in yellow paint.

Air Force veteran Wayne White gathered friends to help clean the memorial after seeing that it was defaced on social media. He told Fox 17 that the names on the memorial “are veterans and deserve the honor, respect, and dignity.”

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